Troy’s Tips

Use these helpful tips to help you make your yard more beautiful.

Winter Watering
Watering of trees, shrubs, lawns, and perennials during prolonged dry fall and winter periods to prevent root damage that affects the health of the entire plant. Water your trees! Watering your lawn is not watering your trees.

Adding 2-4 inches of mulch helps insulate trees in winter and keep them cooler in summer. It helps prevent weeds which compete for nutrients, and helps keep moisture in the roots. It prevents damage from weed whackers and lawn mowers by creating a barrier. Organic mulch breaks down into vital nutrients that are used by trees and shrubs.

Proper Home Pruning and Spraying Techniques
Some small pruning and fertilizing can certainly be done by the homeowner. However, for high-value trees and to save the hassle of clean-up, chemical handling and safety of yourself and your property, give us a call!

If you have questions about anything concerning the trees and shrubs on your property or want to schedule a FREE estimate, please contact us!