Tree and Shrub Removal

Why Tree and Shrub Removal?

For Aesthetics, Safety, and More:

Maintain the Value of Your Home:
Dead or dying trees or shrubs can present a major problem for an otherwise healthy yard and lawn. Even one tree that is not maintained can be an eyesore on the investment of your property. And you can guarantee the neighbors have noticed!

Insure Unwanted Visitors Move on:

Dead and dying trees and shrubs can be a nice home for pests including animals, termites, and diseases that can all spread to other healthy trees or your home very quickly. Keep your yard and family healthy.

Branches from dead and dying trees can fall during Colorado’s frequent wind and snow storms. The entire tree may also fall both resulting in possible damage to roofs, cars and other valuable property. Dead and dying shrubs present a fire hazard especially when they sit close to the house or other structures.

Liability or Maintenance:
Trees and shrubs may also need to be removed due to liability or maintenance needs, renovation or other necessities. Be assured that our timely arborists will make sure your needs are met so you can continue with other work to your property.

Whatever the reason, we are prepared to handle the job. Contact us today!