Trimming Trees & Shrubs

Trimming Trees and Shrubs For Health and Appearance:

Why is professional tree and shrub trimming necessary?

For Tree Health:
Removing dead, damaged and diseased branches will prevent insects and diseases from entering the tree. Thinning the top or canopy will help all parts of the tree to receive sunlight and air, prevents moisture buildup. Week wood in the form of suckers need to be removed to provide food and water to the main tree. Branches that cross need to be eliminated to minimize rubbing damage as well as weak crotches that may split apart and cause breakage as the tree grows. Trimming trees can be done every 3 to 5 years to maintain optimal health.

For Safety of Tree and Nearby Structures and Power Lines:
Professional trimming can bring a tree away from a house, power lines or other structure safely and without causing any harm to those structures or the people involved. Branches can be very heavy and unpredictable. Allow the professionals to use the proper equipment and knowledge to get the job done quickly and safely.

Clean-up and Haul-off:
Most of the work in the trimming process is getting the waste managed. American Tree can grind branches down to mulch for you to use, or to be recycled for another customer. We can also break down branches into firewood size for you or another customer. Either way, when we are done we make it look like we weren’t even there!

Trust American Tree to bring you the highest level of expertise with certified arborists that have an average of 25 years experience in tree care.

Not only do we employ the finest arborists in the state we use only the top of the line equipment and own all of our own equipment including saws, wood chippers, and bucket trucks in order to complete any sized job. American Tree maintains residential, commercial, and government owned property and has been trimming trees and shrubs in the Denver Metro Area for over 15 years.

Contact us today to get your trees and shrubs trimmed up for appearance and health extending the life of your investments.