Tree Planting Services

Tree Planting Service!

American Tree will do the hard work and plant your tree(s) for you.

Been wanting to update the Landscape around your House? American Tree can take the hassle out of the way and give you the yard you really want. We will dig the holes, plant the tree and let you know how to take care of your new landscape for years of enjoyment. You just sit back and relax!

American Tree offers assistance in designing your landscape with recommendations on tree species and placement that is a best fit for your yard. Certain Trees thrive in some areas better than they do others even down to the last detail like where is the tree being placed and how much sunlight will it receive. How close to the house to you want to plant a tree? American Tree can customize a specific plan for your yard and will do it how you want it done!

Why American Tree?

Our arborists work with clients to plant specific tree species that thrive in the landscape and Environment for our customers. American Tree is constantly factoring in Colorado’s ever hanging climate, soil conditions and clients short and long term landscaping goals.

Diagnosing tree diseases and pests for the past 20+ years has given us an advantage to know what survives and thrives in the harsh Colorado winters. When it comes to tree and shrub planting, knowing what tree to plant – and how and where to plant it – can make all of the difference.

Contact American Tree today for current pricing and scheduling seasons for planting specific types of trees here in Colorado.