How much does it cost?

So the question on everyone’s mind is how much does it cost?

American Tree Offers Up Front Pricing

Pruning or Trimming

Pruning, also known as Trimming, costs can depend on several factors including type of tree and size of tree. Bigger trees typically take more time to navigate and have larger branches to work on.  Other factors can determine the price too such as: are there obstacles to work around in order to keep them safe from falling limbs. Are there power lines nearby, what is the thickness of the tree stump and the type of pruning or removal required have to be accounted for when factoring in a cost.

Small trees start at around $95.00 for pruning, and around $150.00 for removal. Medium trees can vary depending on the above mentioned factors. Very large trees can cost as much as a $1,000.00 to prune and even more for removals depending largely on the size of the stump.

Tree & Shrub Spraying
Tree and shrub spraying is much more affordable than most people anticipate. Services starting as low as $72.00 for the call out and treatment of one tree and decreasing tremendously in cost for the second and third. Most suburb properties are usually covered for between $72.00 to $92.00.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Tree and Shrub Fertilization is similar in price as Tree and Shrub Spraying. Like the Spraying is is more economical for you to have your whole yard done. Our Tree and Shrub Fertilizing package rejuvenates your yard for a beautiful and healthy looking lawn and maximum health for your plants.

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