Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying

Mountain Pine Beetle Prevention…

American Tree has been fighting the Mountain Pine Beetle battle for almost a decade and has saved countless trees from these incredibly deadly insects. Using top of the line equipment and an experienced team, American Tree fights these insects by the only means necessary, soaking each individual tree with insecticide to prevent them from boring into the tree. Many years of professional service gives American Tree the advantage of knowing when and how these beetles attack trees allows us to prevent the huge cost of having to remove and replant trees that can cost 1000’s if not priceless. Using equipment that can soak up to 80 feet high, no job is to big!!

Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying should be done between the middle of March until the beetles fly, which is usually around the beginning to middle of July. Properly sprayed trees during these months will not be attacked by the beetle; they will simply find another tree that has not been sprayed.

Bark Beetle, the culprit in Pine Tree deaths, thrive in unusual hot and dry summers and mild winters and that has been the norm in Colorado the last few years. Couple that with forests filled with mature lodge pole pine has led to an unprecedented epidemic that unfortunately is leaving our mountains looking brown. Mountain pine beetles most frequently attack ponderosa, whitebark, Lodgepole (Most Common in Colorado), Scotch, Jack Pine and limber pine trees. Normally, these insects play an important role in the life of a forest, attacking old or weakened trees, and speeding development of a younger forest. Preventative Spray is highly recommended on the trees you care about the most.

We are highly trained and reputable in the prevention Mountain Pine Beetle and we can provide a free estimate when you contact us with your project details!