Emerald Ash Borer Symptoms

Emerald Ash Borer Symptoms

Why is it important to know what the symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer? Well to put it simply, time is everything and knowing the Emerald Ash Borer symptoms can potentially save your Ash. EAB spreads quickly and can kill a tree in as soon as 2 years so if you have an Ash Tree in your yard it could be in Danger because in recent years EAB has arrived in Colorado.

Luckily you don’t have to wait! American Tree has treatment options that can be started right away. Te a look at these symptoms and if your Ash is showing any of these signs then Call us immediately. Timing is everything!

Signs and Symptoms

The canopy of infested trees begins to thin above infested portions of the trunk and major branches.

Heavily infested trees show what is called ‘canopy die-back” that generally starts in the top of the tree.

Most of the canopy will be dead within 2 years of when symptoms are first observed.

Up to 1/2 of the branches may die over the course of a year.

The Ash Borer destroys both water and nutrient tissues under the bark.

Adult beetles leave a “D”-shaped exit hole in the bark ¬†which are roughly 1/8 inch in diameter.

For Treatment information visit our page http://americantreecolorado.com/emerald-ash-borer-treatment/.