About American Tree

About American Tree

American Tree is a family-owned and operated business specializing in the care and maintenance of Trees and Shrubs. American Tree is proud of 15 years of service of both commercial and residential clientele throughout the Denver Metro area with superior Tree and Shrub care. Providing homes, businesses, and government entities unsurpassed service gives us a true sense of pride in what we accomplish for our clientele. American Tree offers a variety of unique products and services to nurture plants and trees for decades to come. Proper care of trees and shrubs can prevent disease and infestations through spraying, fertilizing, and pruning/trimming trees and shrubs, allowing homeowners and business true enjoyment of their landscapes. These products are included in low-cost year-round programs for clients to keep their homes and properties healthy, using organic applications, no matter the season. Often property values will increase by 10% with simple tree and shrub maintenance with the added value of overall lower crime rates in well maintained neighborhoods. Check out our products and services to learn how American Tree can make a difference in your trees, shrubs and the overall appearance of your property.

United States Capitol Christmas Tree

In 2012 American Tree was honored to Spray the National Christmas Tree. The tree spray kept the Tree healthy and beautiful for the Christmas Season!

The 2012 Capitol Christmas Tree project was a huge success! The services American Tree provided helped accomplish the huge task of delivering a 73-foot tree from Colorado to the US Capitol in Washington DC.


American Tree has solutions for all the the biggest pest problems in Colorado.  Emerald Ash Borer attacked Colorado and we were able and continuing to save hundreds of trees through our treatment program. American Tree also fights against Mountain Pine Beetle that has ravaged so many pine trees. We have saved countless trees on many properties and around houses in Colorado.